03 May 2017

5 Ideas for the Perfect Baby Shower

Whether you’re expecting a baby or planning for someone that is, throwing the perfect baby shower can be a high-pressure situation. From decorations to party games to catering, there’s a lot to think about- and often there are high expectations to uphold. If you’re nervous about what lies ahead, grab some trusted friends and start a planning committee. Then, read along for five ideas for the perfect stress-free baby shower.

1. Pick a Color Theme

Before you can start planning, it’s helpful to have a theme. If you have something in mind, go full speed ahead. However, if baby blogs and Pinterest have overwhelmed you with a plethora of extravagant theme ideas, it can be much easier to simply choose a color palette you love and base your decorations around that. It will save you time, money, and most of all, stress if you simply find or borrow ornaments in your favorite color.  An easy yet stunningly beautiful option is choosing floral decorations in a soft, neutral color; white roses or a simple lily arrangement is both lush and inviting for any party. In other words, there’s no need to build your own centerpieces for a rustic theme or try to hunt down nautical decorations if it seems overwhelming.

2. Prioritize Your Budget

A perfect baby shower does not have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. While it can be tempting to splurge on everything from decorations to snacks, it helps ease your mind and your pocketbook if you pick one element of the shower to really splurge on. If a beautiful party is your main concern, consider spending a larger part of your budget on decorations and centerpieces. Invest in quality flower arrangements guilt-free by skipping party favors or saving dollars with the next tip.

3. Go Electronic

Another idea for the perfect baby shower is to go electronic. Instead of spending money and time running to the post office and mailing out physical invitations, use a site online to customize an ecard or invite and simply email your entire guest list. Then, your guests can RSVP directly to your email and you can keep track of everything right from your phone or computer.

4. Let the Guests Help

There are a couple ways that you can utilize your guests to help you pull off a successful shower. One idea is to have each guest address a thank you note to themselves upon arrival; this will save you time and stress when you sit down to write out thank you notes later. You can also save a ton of money by hosting your baby shower potluck-style. Provide one food or drink item, such as the punch or dessert, and request your guests to bring their favorite snack or party food. You win on multiple fronts with this one by ensuring everyone has a food they enjoy and also saving a hefty chunk of money.

5. Delegate Tasks Before, During, and After

This is especially helpful if you are expecting and planning your own shower. Among your planning committee make sure that each person has their own task. Place one person in charge of heading to the grocery store, one to set up decorations, and another to order flowers. Whatever the tasks may be, delegating them out relieves stress from everyone. Before the party, make sure that you have a designated helper (or several) to help keep things organized on the big day. It’s a good idea to pick one person to help keep gifts organized, one person to keep the drinks and food flowing, and another to organize any party games. There should also be people designated to stay after the party ends to help clean up. This takes the stress off any one person - especially you - and helps the shower run smoothly.

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At the end of the day, these ideas for the perfect baby shower should help you have a stress-free and fun day. After all, this is the time to celebrate a new life entering the world. It should be a fun and happy day for everyone involved! For easy decorating, remember to check out our wide selection of new baby flowers- all available for same-day delivery in Dublin.



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