04 May 2017

5 Gift Ideas for April Birthdays

Is someone special in your life celebrating an April birthday? Depending on how you play your cards, this could be a very expensive time for you, because this month is tied to some fairly extravagant gifts. Not to worry, though, April is known for having a plethora of dedicated and meaningful options, no matter what your budget or relationship with the person is. Check out our list of ideas for inspiration.

1. Diamonds

If you’re buying for a significant other with a birthday this month, diamonds may be in order. As the official birthstone of April, diamonds are the quintessential offering. They’re also associated with everlasting love as well as courage. Their name (Vajra) is synonymous with “lightning” in Sanskrit, and are known for being the weapon of choice of Indra, king of the gods. Of course, none of that matters if you manage to get your hands on a large, near-flawless, near-colourless one for your beloved.

2. A Fun Day Out

If your recipient was born before April 19, that makes him or her an Aries, according to astrology. People with a true Aries personality are a little bit on the wild side, so you may do better offering a frivolous gift or an outing.

3. Something to Improve Upon an Everyday Need

Those who are born from the 20th on are considered a Taurus. If your recipient has the personality of a Taurus, he or she loves luxury and practicality. Unlike the Aries, who will be thrilled with anything bright and shiny, the Taurus wants something useful. Think about something your Taurus uses every day, whether it’s a cellphone, kitchen gadgets, day planners, or even bedsheets, and get him or her the next level up from what he or she already has. Your thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed.

4. Art Supplies

Interestingly, people born in April are believed to be among the most creative individuals. Some of the greatest minds of all time were born in April, like William Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci. Find out what type of art your recipient gravitates to and pick up some supplies.




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