03 May 2017

5 Aphrodisiacs That Are Cleverly Disguised as Flowers

When it comes to passion-inducing scents, many people probably jump to the name of their favorite perfume or cologne. You likely have one in your head right now- the fragrance that drives you crazy whenever you smell it on someone. But, if you’re thinking aphrodisiacs, think outside the perfume bottle. Some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs exist right under our noses in nature. You may have heard of some common foods that have been known to cause a spark, including oysters, cinnamon, and garlic, but did you know that there may be some amorous plants right in your garden? Keep the power of scent in mind as you read about five aphrodisiacs that are cleverly disguised as flowers.

1. Lavender

Lavender has been used in natural health remedies for nearly 2,500 years. Throughout time, it has been used as a perfume, disinfectant, deodorant, and more. Perhaps its lesser-known properties include its ability to act as an aphrodisiac. Lavender can help spark passion due to its potent relaxing qualities; when the mind and body are relaxed our inhibitions are lowered and we can be more in tune to our emotional and romantic desires. This fragrant herb has also been known to help stimulate blood flow and ease muscle tension, particularly when used as an essential oil.

2. Lily of the Valley

The unique scent of lily of the valley has been observed in several studies to ignite a sense of passion in men. Its sweet, delicate fragrance is a unique odor particularly for its ability to attract mammals to it. Not only that, but it has remained a popular choice in weddings as the star flower. This is fitting because it has been said to signify a return to happiness, bringing good luck to romantic celebrations.

3. Orchids

Orchids have been an interest of herbalists for a long time. Up until the 17th century they were believed to have effects on passion because of orchid tubers’ resemblance to male organs. The Greek name for orchids itself alludes to the anatomy. Many years ago there were also those who believed in orchids as aphrodisiacs because they were thought to have only sprung up in meadows where animals bred. Though these theories may be a bit outdated, orchids have still remained a symbol for romance. In some Middle Eastern cultures powdered orchid root is used in salep, a warm beverage often referred to as an “elixir of love.”

4. Violet

Violets have long symbolized many things, including the coming of spring and the freshness and purity that comes along with it. They are also thought of as an aphrodisiac for several reasons. Greek mythology associates the flower with the goddess Venus, thus upholding the belief that violets are a powerful aphrodisiac and love potion. Even their heart-shaped leaves led people to believe that it not only supported heart health but was a symbol of love and romance. It’s also said that blue violets symbolize loyalty and faithfulness to a romantic partner.

5. Rose

Roses may be the most popular choice for showing romance and passion in a bouquet. It has long been known that roses may help treat infertility and female health problems. Its uniquely hypnotic scent may also relieve nervousness and emotional distress. The beauty of a rose is also unquestionable; there are few things more romantic than a bouquet of luscious red roses or rose petals strewn about a room.

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