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04 May 2017

Is someone special in your life celebrating an April birthday? Depending on how you play your cards, this could be a very expensive time for you, because this month is tied to some fairly extravagant gifts. Not to worry, though, April is known for having a plethora of dedicated and meaningful options, no matter what your budget or relationship with the person is. Check out our list of ideas for in...

03 May 2017

Whether you’re expecting a baby or planning for someone that is, throwing the perfect baby shower can be a high-pressure situation. From decorations to party games to catering, there’s a lot to think about- and often there are high expectations to uphold. If you’re nervous about what lies ahead, grab some trusted friends and start a planning committee. Then, read along for five i...

03 May 2017

When it comes to passion-inducing scents, many people probably jump to the name of their favorite perfume or cologne. You likely have one in your head right now- the fragrance that drives you crazy whenever you smell it on someone. But, if you’re thinking aphrodisiacs, think outside the perfume bottle. Some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs exist right under our noses in nature. You may have...

25 Apr 2017

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